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Morang, Kosi, Purwanchal

This is the Morang page list.

Region 3-Postcode

Region 3 City Postcode (ZIP)
Morang Banigama 56616
Morang Sorabhag 56607
Morang Bansbari 56617
Morang Urlabari 56604
Morang Bayarban 56606
Morang Bhaudaha 56612
Morang Biratnagar Bazar 56613
Morang Chunimari 56601
Morang Dadarberiya 56608
Morang Haraincha 56611
Morang Jhorahat 56615
Morang Kerabari 56610
Morang Letang 56609
Morang Madhumalla 56605
Morang Morang 56600
Morang Rangeli 56602
Morang Rani Sikiyahi 56614
Morang Sanischare 56603

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